Lyon Scientific Foundation

Lyon Scientific Foundation is one of the leading organizations in the research and development of mobility aid products in France. The need for mobility aids has increased over the years, creating the need for a fresh and innovative approach to designing practical products. Lyon Scientific Foundation has taken up this challenge, and one of the fore-front ventures in this regard is Portashopper.

Portashopper is a company whose vision revolves around smashing all mobility barriers to enable individuals lead full lives. This is important for both the company’s vision as well as our valuable clients. In line with this vision, the company has developed a number of ingenious products. One of the most popular mobility aid range of products under this brand is the portable electric wheelchair.

lyon mobility research team

The Lyon Mobility Research and Development Facility, Main Headquarters, Lyon, France

The electric wheelchairs offer both convenience and power, allowing clients to choose from the many options for a customized mobility plan. In addition to the power wheelchairs, Portashopper also stocks wheelchair accessories. Some of these accessories may come with the purchase of the wheelchair, but a good number are on offer for the improvement of standard wheelchair functionality.

One of the most outstanding mobility aid products is the Portawheel Power Assist. The Power Assist transforms a conventional manual wheelchair into a motorized wheelchair. This is very convenient for users who do not have the budget for a brand new power wheel, but are willing to take up available options. Other accessories available at Portashopper include batteries, portable ramps and bags among others. Lyon Scientific Foundation is proud to be associated with the innovation at Portashopper.